Yoga philosophy – Ancient art of practice

Yoga is an ancient art that goes far beyond the practice of asana   positions. It is a philosophy that goes back to the days before the religions existed over 2,000 years back. It is a doctrine that talks about marriage. It talks about marriage between all human beings and also about marriage with a larger energy that itself joins us all. Yoga is an ancient art that has the goal of bringing the professional back to the authentic self. The ancient scriptures inform us that the authentic self is the condition of bliss. It is a state of inner joy. The sage who wrote the ‘yoga sutra’   an early recorded text on yoga codifying the system so far   gave the definition of yoga as ‘yoga chitin verity. This translates from the original Sanskrit into English to significance that yoga is the stopping of the changes of the mind. Historically there have been two major avenues of yoga    raja yoga and hath yoga   and these both ultimately target for control over the brain.

Yoga for beginners

Asana practice   the practice of yoga postures   was created in order to stabilize us for sitting during meditation. Yoga was made finally to bring us into meditation and hence deeper states of consciousness. Now the next question arises what is meditation or in Sanskrit. Meditation is the stilling of the mind by the stilling of the human body. Also pranayama   the breathing techniques of yoga   aim to still the breath and hence still the brain. Our meditational practices in yoga help us to conquer the ego. The ego is identity. However, in reality we are all connected and with yoga we realize this link. The definition of yoga is union. Through the practice of yoga one realizes the marriage between the one who you think you are, that is your personal consciousness, and the one who you really are   that is you are a part of a supreme consciousness. So as to transcend between the individual consciousness and the ultimate consciousness one wants to overcome the self.

And so as to overcome the self we want what the Upanishad texts describe as brunswick yoga. This is the crown jewel of this power of discrimination over what is real and what is not. Hence we will need to have the ability to see that really there am no I but that we are all connected. We must establish what it means to return to the authentic self or what self realization is. Self realization is in essence identifying you as peace and happiness. After you have made this authentic identification you may just radiate peace and happiness. One way of studying yoga is in regard to the chakras energy points inside us. Now yoga aims for the best functioning of all of the chakras within us. This lifts us from individual consciousness to supreme consciousness.