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Reason I wrote the copy-editing for new and aspiring authors was because my customers that are new authors most of them think the only thing needed is to get their piece composed and have someone proofread it, then a publisher will catch it and perhaps you know the rest of the story. Thank goodness for such innocence since it is what allows them to compose until they have finished a first draft a genuine accomplishment. Once we connect, it is my duty to provide them additional information and advice. What follows is an excerpt, in the most part, from the ebook. Plan to put in your time on anything and everything you write. If you do not desire to do so be aware that if you pay somebody to do it for you, that person is going to need to spend the hours on it which you haven’t. They may be quicker at it than you could be, but it will still take some time.

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It is also okay to arrange for the individual to edit/rewrite a section a paragraph or two and return it to you as a sample of what may be achieved with your substance, and their ability. In actuality, I recommend this. When I got the manuscript for a customer’s novel, I was amazed to learn he had previously worked with had paid editors to work on it before our connecting. Incidentally, readers predict his first book a true page-turner, cannot put it down experience. How thrilled do you think he feels? He’s only one customer; however, I have worked with who had one or two editor’s work in their piece before connecting with me.

Also know that one revision won’t or should not be sufficient, at least not for a manuscript and probably not for a brief story. If you receive publish ready book or nonfiction book with a single revision, how to copyright a story. When I get a client’s job, the very first thing I do is print out a copy and read it with pen in hand. I must see where the customer is trying to go, see what is required, and make notes along the way. I then make the adjustments and reread it. It is a matter of eliminating what does not belong there so I can see what actually is there. No flow can flow easily if its path is littered with debris.